Tuesday, September 18, 2007

IBC101 2007

Sripatum international college students at Sarawittaya school library :Reading project.
IBC101 SPU students visit Sarawittaya School Library
Writing a report Better Writing Structure of report Citation guide
Piyaporn : Traditional Culture of America Continent
Pinto: Aviation & Tourism Industry
Pornwadee : The World of Rabbit
Duangjan: The beauty of the orchid
Tanyanant: How does cigarette affect your life?
Noppawan : How to make good taste of Cake?
Arren: Mitsubishi Lancer evo Racing Car
Wang Ya Nan: Chinese Opera.
Paridsada :Spa business
Wannaporn: The most popular places in New Zealand.
Anyapat: Have fun with Cocktail.
Ekkasit: History of airplane
Pornchaya: Cartoon Collection
Priwprae : Latest Fashion in Summer
Sarinee: Computer Trend
Kanittha: Snowboarding
Johan: McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 car.
Parichat : Travel in HongKong
Unchalee: The Dog Story : A friend in need.
Sutida: Yummy Recipe
Wanwisa: Beauty Tips
Vipada : Culture Shock
Vilasinee : History of Dolls
Wariya : Thai massage
Patthorn: football
Tidarat: history of Ranong province
Tippawan: Technology in U.S.A
Phonlaphat: History of Macintosh
Duangporn: Information about condom
Yan: http://yan-realmadrid.blogspot.com/
Polpoj: Teddy Bear
Surachai: Fashion
Project at Sarawittaya School Library: How to help kids read?
Group 1 Johan
Group 2 Parichat
Group 3 Diana
Group 4 Arren