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Information literacy: Course Outline
Course: IBC 101 Course title: Access to Library and Information System
Number of credits: 3(2-2) Semester 1/2007
Day/Time: Tuesday (Lec.) 8.30-10.20 Room 1-404, Lab 10.30-12.20 (1-405)
Lecturer: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Namtip Wipawin (
Lecturer qualification: Ph.D.(Library and information Studies), Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom.
Office hour: Monday-Friday 9.00 A.M-4.30 P.M. (Central Library Floor 1)
Course Description: A study of the current state of information technology and development of study skills for higher education, in terms of the use of computer, electronic library, Internet in the information superhighway.
Prerequisite: -
Objectives: the primary objective of this course is to develop students who are aware of the complex nature of the information environment, and who can skillfully navigate their way through the information technology environment. This course will allow students :
1. to be able to identify information they need;
2. to be able to critically evaluate information they find;
3. to be able to organize information they find; and
4. to be able to use information effectively.
Teaching and learning activities:
1.Lecturer 2. Discussion 3.Computer lab.
Teaching and learning media:
1.Power point presentation and handouts. 2.Textbooks 3. Related websites
Topics & Schedule
Week Topics Activities
1 Data,Information, Knowledge, Wisdom Lecture/Discussion/Lab
2. Information Literacy Skills Lecture/Discussion/Lab
3. Sources of Knowledge : Libraries Lecture/Discussion/Lab
4 Reference Sources Lecture/Discussion/Lab
5 Online Catalog and Databases Lecture/Discussion/Lab
6 Report Writing and Citation Lecture/Discussion/Lab
7 Internet Lecture/Discussion/Lab
8 Midterm Midterm test
9 Search engine Lecture/Discussion/Lab
10 Evaluation Sources of Information Lecture/Discussion/Lab
11 Information Technology Lecture/Discussion/Lab
12 Information Systems Lecture/Discussion/Lab
13 Knowledge Management Lecture/Discussion/Lab
14 Copyright and Fair use Lecture/Discussion/Lab
15 Information Packages and Presentation Lecture/Discussion/Lab
Evaluation methods: Total 100 %
1. Assignment/Report/Class Participation 30%
2.Midterm examination 20%
3.Final examination 50%

1.Wipawin,N.(2007) Access to Library and Information Systems.Bangkok: Sripatum University.
2.Anderson,E (1999) Learn Basic Library Skills. Canberra: DocMatrixPly.
3.Turban,E.(2001) Introduction to Information Technology. N.Y.: John Wiley and Sons.
4.Library website: Blog:
5.University website:

At least 80% of class attendance is required in order to take final examination.